Hurricane Season is No Match for Central Florida Residents

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As much as we see and report on the numerous phone scams heading up the news, we also love reporting on the amazing benefits of reverse phone technology and what it can do for not only phone scam victims, but also how it can protect people by warning them of imminent danger.

Protecting lives is the sole mission of emergency officials in central Florida. They are gearing up for hurricane season and turning to some advanced reverse phone technology to help them protect the residents of their counties. This is the reasoning behind "AlertLake" which was created as an early warning system for Lake County. Sumter County's newest alert system is "Code Red".

The biggest fear of emergency management personnel is a lack of preparation in the wake of a panic-inducing weather disaster. Though Florida's last active hurricane season was in 2004, emergency officials are warning Florida residents to stay prepared. William Gray, hurricane forecaster, predicts sixteen storms this season and nine hurricanes. Five are said to be major hurricanes as well. In his April report, Gray says, "Overall, conditions remain conducive for a very active hurricane season."

The reverse 911 system is a notification system that will send emergency information to residents by telephone, email or cellular phone when emergencies ensue, such as tornadoes, hurricanes or even crimes like a missing person's report, a chemical spill or a wildfire. In addition, emergency officials can alert residents about the locations of safe shelters during catastrophic weather events. In one message, all of the residents of the area can know when a disaster will strike and how to find safety when it does. The AlertLake system launched in February and has the ability to disseminate information in 27 languages.

Emergency Management Director Jerry Smith states, "AlertLake will give the county an opportunity to provide safety and preparedness information to citizens during emergency events by phone or e-mail. The intent of the system is to provide residents with another means of receiving vital life-safety information, in addition to those received by a NOAA weather radio or local news media."

Emergency personnel are urging the residents of Lake and Sumter Counties to register for the alerts on the county's websites. They are also asking residents to purchase recommended disaster supply kits which include water, non-perishable food, toiletries and prescription medications.

Preparation is Helping to Save Lives

Amidst the crimes of phone scams and email phishing, the powers of good prevail. Reverse 911 warning systems are in place to protect residents who are at risk of enduring harmful weather conditions to give them a sense of safety and calm in the midst of the storms.