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While most people never find themselves plagued by unknown numbers calling and texting throughout the day, many find themselves falling victim to this sneaky form of communication. While searching through a phone book can often lead to less than satisfactory results, doing a reverse phone search online can not only lead you to the name, but also to the phone owner details - regardless of whether the number is a cell phone or a land line.

Scams and theft can occur in a number of ways through phone calls and the relinquishment of information to people on the other end of the line, but one of the better ways of finding out who is really on the other end is through an online search. These days, people have all sorts of weapons to protect the theft of their phones, such as GPS tracking and backdoor programs to allow them access to their electronic devices from other ports, but few options present themselves to those who simply no longer wish to be pestered by prank callers and unruly ex-girlfriends or boyfriends.

Many cell phone providers will offer the option of blocking annoying numbers for a small fee, but these companies can do nothing about giving you precise information on who the harasser is. Using a reverse phone lookup will allow you to know who is calling and have all the information you need to decide how best to move forward.