Celebrities Behaving Badly

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One would think celebrities have perfect lives, aside from having to dodge the paparazzi, but they have family, friends, and career pressures just like anyone. They can also have the same personality flaws as anyone. Justin Timberlake, famous for having successful careers in both music and acting, is the latest celebrity to have possibly misbehaved, and misused technology while doing it. Timberlake supposedly left evidence in the form of text messages for fellow celebrity Olivia Munn proving an illicit rendezvous between the two - while still involved with his actress girlfriend Jessica Biel.

There's no telling whether this is all true or just the latest in a very long line of made-up stories for the tabloids, but Timberlake reportedly had an affair with actress Olivia Munn in September 2010 while he was in New York City. The accusations of this affair came out last fall, but are now claimed to be backed up by recent text messages sent to Munn, where Timberlake mentions his relationship with Biel is "basically over," among other things, according to someone "close to Munn".

There has been no official word on this new wrinkle from any of the three celebrities involved, and really, what would be the point? This is really nobody else's business but those involved. The story here is merely to bring attention to the fact that everyone is subject to the same pressures, and may have the same foibles, no matter how successful or happy they may seem from outside observation.

Not all people who act happy are professional actors, so a little discreet checking of the cell phone of one's partner may be in order to verify or dispel suspicions of bad behavior. Using a reverse phone lookup on incoming or outgoing calls or text messages can help you identify all the players involved, and help you resolve whatever situation you find yourself dragged into.