Brevard County is Uncovering Phone Scams in the Area

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The stakes are high and the incidence of phone scams is skyrocketing for residents of Brevard County, Florida. Several reports have recently been filed detailing con artists' attempt to steal money via email and phone.

Cmdr. Steve Wilkinson of the West Melbourne Police Department is passionate about awareness and exposing the existence of these crimes to the people he serves. "We want people to realize this is going on," he said. "It appears that there's some activity going on in our area right now."

Emails containing fake "official seals" from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are making rounds and Cocoa police are actively warning residents as a result. The fake email urges the receiver to send $350 in fees for which they are told they are responsible. "Other scams include the 'pigeon-drop', where scammers might approach selected victims with claims of finding cash or a purse," Wilkinson said.

The scammers are requesting bank information as a necessary part of fulfilling the fake transactions. The news is alarming since one Brevard County resident sent thousands of dollars to free their grandchildren out of a jail situation. Obviously, the call was a scam, but the victim was not aware. "Residents should never give out personal, banking or other information over the phone to unsolicited callers or they are going to be the victim of fraud," Wilkinson said.

"If it is unsolicited and or too good to be true, it is likely a scam." Wilkinson claims, "Unfortunately, most of the phone call scams involve perpetrators that are out of the country and are not easily prosecuted."

Always assume phone calls are coming from scammers if you are unfamiliar with the caller or the caller is requesting personal information. Perform a reverse phone check to identify the identity of the caller or contact your local authorities if you are scared. But, by all means, never give out any personal information, not even an address, or you could end up the latest victim of phone fraud.