Brett Favre Career Ends in Retirement and Lawsuits

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A recent $50,000 fine by the NFL isn't the end of troubles for football star Brett Favre. The Minnesota Vikings player now has two sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him. Favre's announcement on Monday of his retirement caps a career highlighted by great success - and multiple retirements.

The fine levied by the NFL was not for sexual harassment, but for "failure to cooperate" with an investigation into inappropriate workplace behavior - an incident unrelated to the current lawsuits. The trouble this time around is that two women - Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole - are suing Favre and the team.

The two women worked for the New York Jets in 2008, when Favre played for that team, and allege that Favre sent them text messages wanting to arrange trysts and threesomes with them, along with other sexually harassing behavior. Their complaints further state they were no longer employed by the team after complaining of the atmosphere. One of the women says that her career with the Jets ended after her husband demanded Favre apologize for his behavior.

Favre's official retirement announcement on Monday came two weeks after news of the lawsuit. After Favre was sidelined from a concussion, he told his coach he wouldn't be returning to play in 2011.

If the women are able to provide proof of the sexual-related text messages (known as "sexting"), then a reverse phone lookup may be all that is needed for the women to win their lawsuit - or induce a settlement offer.

There's no way to tell if this is the last the football world will see of Brett Favre, as he is known for retiring and coming back. He retired from the Green Bay Packers in 2008, only to return to play for the NY Jets. He retired again in 2009, and returned to play for the Vikings. Whether Favre's career is permanently ended by injury or legal trouble, it's unlikely his career accomplishments will remain untainted.